World Conference On Quality and Improvement 2019

The Answer Is in the Data

Our Chief Data Scientist, George Brunner explains the benefits of leveraging analytics

Although the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement is behind us, the importance of quality must remain front and center. This week we learned that to fully embrace Industry 4.0, we must merge it with Quality 4.0. This requires increasing productivity and decreasing risk. It means creating a culture of quality that permeates every aspect of an organization, starting with leadership and working its way through every department and employee.

How do you improve productivity, mitigate risk and remain competitive in the marketplace? According to our Chief Data Scientist, George Brunner, the answer is in the data.

“Using analytics to leverage your data is the way to finding actionable insights that will empower managers to make strategic decisions about process, resulting in improved productivity.”

George Brunner, Chief Data Scientist -Acumen Analytics

Using your data to its full advantage requires a workforce with up to date digital skills that is agile enough to quickly navigate changes as they happen. As Janet Raddatz, ASQ’s Conference Board Chair said in her letter to attendees, “The future IS now, and both organizations and individuals have a choice to either lead the change it is bringing or be led by the change that occurs.”

The need for a deeper understanding of today’s digital landscape is imperative to keep up with that change. It is not enough to look at static data from a historical perspective. The best way to improve quality in your organization is to analyze that data, and allow it to inform your decisions about what to do next.