Announcing Optimal Insights™ in Partnership with ETQ Reliance

Analytics software that is built to scale, meeting clients where they are in their digital transformation journey

Acumen Analytics announces the release of their proprietary advanced reporting and analytics solution, Optimal Insights™.  In partnership with ETQ, LLC’s Reliance Software, Acumen is helping highly regulated and compliance-driven customers conquer their data. With Optimal Insights™ clients optimize reporting and achieve rapid insights in near real-time. Optimal Insights™ gives end users the option to drastically reduce or even eliminate tedious Excel extracts. This proprietary solution supports the superior quality management ETQ customers depend on.

The Optimal Insights™ user interface offers easy access to data and provides prebuilt reports so that clients can spend time taking action not building reports. It eliminates the need for cumbersome Excel extracts and produces analysis in seconds or minutes not hours or days. Managers have more time to make strategic decisions. Optimal Insights™ saves companies time and money, enabling employees to focus on their business goals.

I want to spend time taking managerial action not creating reports. -manufacturer and distributor of non-acute medical equipment

Optimal Insights™ uses centralized data to provide a single version of truth with standardized terminology and calculations ready for analysis. Its optimized reporting tables and predefined reports further support rapid scale up. With Optimal Insights™ reporting is simplified with standard visualizations using commonly understood terms, designed to deliver rapid insights to the end user. Pre-configured and custom reports deliver relevant metrics or KPIs.

Optimal Insights™ requires little to no IT involvement. It is cloud based and immediately integrates with ETQ Reliance securely and in near real-time to enhance the user experience. It provides continuous monitoring of configuration changes for release to production or version to version with automated regression testing/analysis done in seconds or minutes not hours or days. Users can securely report on audit trail data filtered to specific field or sets of fields.

Optimal Insights™ provides a single version of truth, rapid scale up and easy access to data in a simplified manner with zero impact on performance. This forward-looking approach to data accelerates decision making and increases ROI.