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Winning the Race Against Time

Life Sphere, aims to shed light on the significance of innovation in life sciences, the people, the challenges and success stories all while educating, inspiring and empowering professionals.

Each episode of Life Sphere will feature a conversation with thought leaders across a range of skills and disciplines. The guest line-up for season one includes drug commercialization, scientists, marketing and PR, analytics, technologists, Acumen's own in-house experts and more. Through these conversations, Life Sphere will explore industry trends, must-have tools, careers, new skills, as well as (and most importantly!) demonstrate the impact life sciences has on each of us. Guests will share their unique take on the industry, including career advice, experiences, how to overcome hurdles, and more


Episode 1

A conversation with Hettie Stroebel


Hettie is the Founder & CEO of Launch Excellence Partners, a former Merck & Co., Inc executive that led seven product launches, all exceeding targets in major markets with revenue from $100M to $1B annually.

A discussion focusing on Launch Excellence. What is the current overview of commercializing drugs? What are the critical elements to deliver innovation to patients?  How digital technologies (AI, ML, Blockchain) are instrumental to regulatory launch success and improvements?  How critical is data to all of this?