Acumen Analytics Announces Partnership with Phylloceuticals to Aid in the Delivery of Biologics to Underserved Markets

AI, Blockchain and Digital Twin technologies, combined with unprecedented data collection are the linchpin to optimize Pharmaceuticals as a Service Technology

BLUE BELL, PA, USA – March 2, 2021 – Acumen Analytics, the leader in advanced analytics, Blockchain and AI solutions enabling data transformation to drive measurable business outcomes, announced a multi-year collaboration with Phylloceuticals, a privately held, global technology company dedicated to providing medicine to underserved areas of the world.

Acumen Analytics will provide AI and data analytics capabilities for Pharmaceuticals as a Service Technology (PhAAST), the Phylloceuticals service platform designed to provide continuous improvement over all facilities built under Phylloceutical’s guidance. Data security will be a paramount concern, as Phylloceuticals puts facilities in areas of the world where data infrastructure is less developed. 

“The vision of Phylloceuticals, growing plants to produce proteins for faster, more efficient delivery of drugs to underserved areas of the world, excites us on so many levels,” said Kathy Brunner, CEO of Acumen Analytics. “Harnessing and aligning all parts of the organization increases flexibility and agility. We have been helping companies for years, prescriptively collect, analyze and act on a “Single Version of the Truth” – getting the right data in the right place at the right time. This collaboration will enable PhAAST to expedite discovery, development and commercialization of transformative medicines. And we love that it aligns Acumen’s decades of work and expertise with a strong sense of social responsibility.”

For more than three decades, the founding partners of Phylloceuticals have worked across the pharmaceutical industry.  Their separate career paths have brought them together on a variety of award-winning projects. The strength and deep experience of the cross-functional team lies at the heart of the Phylloceuticals model.  The company has a complete portfolio of skill sets, including drug development, regulatory strategy and enablement, full scale manufacturing and marketing support for company and product launch. PhAAST™ also includes:

  • Harnessing the Digital Thread by leveraging Blockchain and AI to develop Digital Twins
  • IIoT, Edge Computing Intelligence, Pervasive sensors, Smart Connected Assets, RPA (robotic process automation) and the Connected Worker
  • Real Time Collaborating: Early and Often
  • Automating and optimizing workflows to seamlessly orchestrate production
  • Simplifying data science and harvesting scalable insights by automating IT/OT convergence
  • Enabling lights-out manufacturing

This platform fosters continuous improvement and can be monitored from anywhere for a reproducible model that can be replicated across regions and markets underserved currently by large pharma.

“Every facility will learn from the one before, with the latest in AI employed, to continuously up our efficiencies at every level, both in aeroponic plant and protein production, as well as facilitating the downstream side of these facilities. Data will be centralized from every facility to truly achieve digital transformation inside these pharmaceutical facilities. We knew quickly that Acumen Analytics understood our vision, and had the experience to both visualize and execute,” said Bill Brydges, CEO of Phylloceuticals. “This data analytics and digital transformation piece is extremely important to our business model.”

About Acumen Analytics

Acumen Analytics is a WBE advanced analytics and AI consulting company enabling enterprises to transform their data to create strategies and solutions that drive measurable business outcomes. We are the trusted analytics, data sciences and data engineering partner for several Fortune 500 companies who are leaders in their respective industries. We bring deep expertise in the life sciences, quality, manufacturing and operations, and planning.

About Phylloceuticals

Phylloceuticals is a global technology company dedicated to providing affordable medicine to underserved areas of the world. Founded in 2021, Phylloceuticals is rapidly building a reputation for solving complex technical challenges in the most demanding environments — and allowing needed drugs to be produced locally, with ongoing support from our team.

Phylloceuticals uses a plant-made technology which offers lower overall investment and a much quicker response time for drug development. Drug development and manufacturing happen fast (PhAAST™), empowering underserved areas of the world to gain access to biologics medicines that other areas of the world take for granted. Phylloceuticals is not a CDMO. We are not a biologics or pharma company. Our mission is to nucleate, enable, and help construct companies in these traditionally underserved regions and underserved markets to manufacture biologics with our plant-made technology. We call it PhAAST™ – Pharmaceuticals as a Service Technology.

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