What We Do

We increase value for Life Science companies by accelerating the transformation of manual processes to digital through innovation, collaboration and by leveraging technology not just to improve but to accelerate outcomes.  Our team members combine decades of Life Science experience with intelligent, resilient, future forward technology solutions, data and a passion for possibilities.

Intelligent Solutions

Our team members have decades of experience in the Life Science industry, and an in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by Life Science companies. Our team is committed to innovation and collaboration, and leverages technology to accelerate outcomes. Through our team's knowledge, experience and passion for possibility, we are able to provide solutions that accelerate the transformation of manual processes to digital.

Digital Transformation

In today's competitive life science industry, organizations must be agile and efficient to stay ahead of the curve. Our Digital Transformation Solutions provide a range of benefits including improved operational efficiency, enhanced data security, seamless collaboration capabilities for teams near or far apart from each other as well as increased compliance with global regulations; all working together towards achieving business objectives faster. Improved customer experience is an added bonus worth considering in this journey!

Future Forward Technology

Life Science organizations need to take advantage of digital transformation to be efficient and competitive. We understand this can be a difficult process, but with our expertise in Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies we deliver unique solutions that can guide you through it all! Combining these technologies with Data Engineering services including data governance, data migration/integration, optimized and integrated data platforms all enabled and compliant using a streamlined digital Computer System Validation process. Let us help unlock your digital transformation potential for rapid sustained success.

Strategy and Planning

Looking to propel your organization forward? Strategic Assessments are an invaluable asset that can help guide you in understanding where you stand, recognizing the areas of improvement within the digital transformation process and setting goals towards achieving success. Investing in Digital Transformation Solutions may bring a multitude of advantages ranging from increased efficiency and data integrity, improved collaboration capabilities & compliance with regulations among many more -all essential requirements for staying competitive as well as meeting objectives efficiently.

Managed Services

Validation of digital systems is a vital part of GXP compliance. Our Managed Service of Sustained Digital Validation ensures that software applications such as MES; EBR; LIMS; QMS; ERP & EDC ; CTMS & EDHR conform to industry standards for GXP environments whether on prem or in the cloud. Using a GAMP 5.0's Risk-based CSV\CSA approach and integrated SDLC and digital validation platform, we provide comprehensive services - from Assessment and Gap Analysis to Validation Planning/Documentation through Testing\Verification, Change Control Management and Training/Support to ensure optimal compliance and audit readiness  

Who We Are

We are strategists, problem solvers, technologists, data scientists, analysts and engineers. Our teams believe in doing what's right and we are driven to help you realize your vision. We believe success is achieved collaboratively, and in building trust for your next big challenge.

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Acumen uses an Agile approach to provide flexible solutions in a rapid manner while delivering a fully documented and tested solution which is compliant to applicable regulations and industry standards. We accomplish this by leveraging our risk-based, agile methodology of requirements gathering, solution design and development along with digital validation and testing. Our methodology ensures fast results while achieving your business goals and staying fully compliant. With us on your side, life science companies can move quickly and efficiently. 



Digital transformation is an integral part of staying competitive in the life science arena. At Acumen, we recognize that this process requires substantial investments, from taking on new skill sets to managing data using artificial intelligence & machine learning and automated solutions - but it's all within your reach! We'll provide you with a roadmap for success by unlocking valuable insights from existing datasets – giving you that professional edge needed to succeed today.

Future Focused

At Acumen, we strive to be the catalyst of progress in life science by partnering with our customers and deploying solutions that are resilient enough for future needs. Our commitment is fueled by agility, creativity, accuracy and a keen foresight into advances within this ever-evolving industry. Let us provide you with an innovative edge as your partner on your mission to provide better patient outcomes.

Our Partners

We have strong partnerships with the world's largest technology platforms, Life Science applications and Experts

Our team is a trusted partner of Life Sciences--industry experts and application providers. Allow us to be your guide on the path toward finding an ideal cloud, data or digital experience solution for you -- whatever that may entail! Let's work together in creating something extraordinary.

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